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1200 Waters Place Suite 105, Bronx, New York 10461

Bronx’s Co-op City Explained

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Situating in the Northeastern space of New York, the Cooperative city is a dream one will want to live in. It has 35 high-rise buildings and 7 clusters of residences. It is the mightiest residential development. Contributing to urbanization and extending the best facilities, it stands unique in the hustle and bustle of New York. Famous for a natural space at affordable rates, it is an exclusive and never to miss complex. Built via the Mitchell-Lama housing program, it is a dream space for anyone looking for the best locality to live and raise a family in the city!

History of Co-op City

With the vision of Abraham E. Kazan, who became the first president of the coop city, and funding from the United Housing Foundation (UHF), a labor coalition, the pursuit came into the picture. It carried a vision of diversity and cooperation with the dream of affordability to all! It built itself on 320 acres of land with uncompromised natural beauty and an ideal location. It stands amid growth and a well-connected space. The Bronx’s co-op city celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Herman Jessor, the chief architect, is a patron of blending modern utility and extending the best construction at affordable rates. He carries the message of sustainable living for all! 

With every facility in the space and no worries about safety, the Bronx’s coop city is a dream house for all. Exhibiting its historical ideals and carrying a strong message, it is an attraction for many and a permanent residence for 50,000+ people in New York!

What Can You Do?

The Bronx’s coop city is often known as a city within a city. With its proximity to multiple activities and recreations, here is all you must learn to have all in hand! It has proximity to some of the best things around town. From malls to play zones and adventure spaces, it has them all! It has parks for recreation and other fascinations that kids never grow out of as they grow. The botanical garden, glen island park, circle museum park – it has them all! It is also perfect for adults to recreate and make their day unique and memorable. It is the finest blend of nightlife and morning serenity and the best place for family life!

The Never To Miss City Facts!

  • The coop city has its college, daily newspaper, and more. With it, you enter a new world away from NY city.
  • It is a city built over the ashes of Freedomland, USA. It was an attempt to copy Disneyland in the city of the Bronx.
  • It is one of the largest Apartment complexes in New York and an inspiration for modern and lavish living.

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