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Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Bronx Car Accident Lawyer

With how busy NYC streets always are, a car accident can occur a lot. It is always helpful to know the common types of a car accident. This way if you suffered due to someone’s negligence, you can get Bronx Car Accident Attorney to help you. Knowing things can help you make your case strong. Below are some of the most common car accidents that attorneys believe commonly happen.

Different Car Accidents

Crashes when Merging

This crash arises when two traffic lanes merge and a car sideswipe another. Such collisions are commonly caused by people trying to merge as they failed to check the blind spots while changing lanes.

Avoiding these crashes is important, and you can do it by looking around and ensuring the blind spots merge. Furthermore, speeding in places where other cars are trying to merge can also cause bad accidents. When you speed, the other automobiles get little or no time to notice you as they merge. This can lead to bad merging accidents.

The Side-Impact

This common yet disastrous collision can cause a lot of damage. Side-impact crashes happen when a vehicle slams into another’s side. Side-impact wrecks in New York city account for much of vehicle passenger casualties. These crashes are extremely dangerous, for there is limited space on the vehicle’s side for absorbing the crash shock so people cannot react in time or shield themselves. 

The most common type of this collision is the T-bone crash. This is where a vehicle perpendicularly hits the other vehicle’s side. This commonly happens when a car drives past a stoplight, slams into another car coming through the intersection on their green light. While many people think running red lights is no big deal, it can end fatally, leading to legal involvement.

The Head-On Crash

Lastly, we have the head-on crash that is the most dangerous and usually fatal or leaves the drivers extremely wounded. They generally occur on the road where cars are at high speeds, rendering it difficult to push the brake and stop in time.  It also makes it very tough for things like an airbag, seat belt or any fancy safety features to work quickly.

Although head-on collisions generally involve other vehicles, they can happen due to trees, animals, or any other stationary obstacles like roadblocks and signs.  Such crashes frequently involve wrong-way cars and drivers under alcohol or drugs’ influence so you can get help from lawyers in such cases.

The Rear-End

Here is another accident type that is super common and all the more dangerous. These are also the cause of many deaths in road accidents. Such crashes frequently occur as a car follows another very closely or tailgates them. And when the car immediately stops, the vehicle behind has no time to register and slams into the rear of the car ahead.

Inattentive drivers busy with their phones or distracted by something else follow too closely cannot see if the vehicle has stopped around them or is moving.  This does not give enough time to register or react, causing a collision.

Stay Safe

It is always best to follow traffic rules and avoid these accidents to ensure your health, but if in case you were injured, then you can always sue and keep the facts in check with the law firm. You can demand compensation and have the lawyer win the case.

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