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Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you been involved in a truck accident on the Bronx River Parkway or perhaps the Cross Bronx Expressway? Maybe a delivery vehicle slammed into you around the Bruckner Expressway or the Lincoln Medical Center? Maybe you were hurt in a truck accident at the Hunts Point Market? If yes then Bronx truck accident lawyer is here to help you!!

Many drivers’ hearts may race a touch quicker when they share the path with large trucks and for a great cause.

Due to their enormous size, weighing (up to 80,000 lbs), driving expertise, combined with the regrettable incidence of weariness and driver attention, semis pose an elevated risk to other vehicles.

Tractor-trailer accidents frequently impose deadly victims with wounds, damage to property, and mental anguish. Consider contacting a Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer at the Bronx Injury Lawyers if you’ve been recently involved in a truck accident somewhere in the Bronx.

Tractor-trailer accidents are notoriously fatal, with passengers in vehicles suffering the bulk of the casualties. That is why those wounded in a commercial tractor-trailer accident should get a lawyer right once. The Bronx truck accident attorneys are aware of the difficulties you may be facing due to a semi accident, but they are a call away to assist you.

Types of Bronx Truck Accidents

Traffic accidents can prove fatal or damage the individual in several ways, but several sorts of collisions are mainly connected with 18 wheelers.

The following are examples of truck accidents occurring in the Bronx and the surrounding areas of NYC:

Head-on crashes

Drivers who tend to lose their driving control due to weariness, alcohol or drug impairment, or diversions may veer into moving traffic, resulting in a dangerous head-on accident.

Several people are likely to die in a high-speed head-on collision between such a passenger car and your semi. When someone is lucky enough to survive a head-on accident with a massive tractor trailer, they will almost certainly suffer severe injuries.


 When a trucker loses hold of its truck, a rollover incident happens. If the driver too quickly turns, top-heavy vehicles like cement dump trucks and trash trucks are particularly susceptible to collisions.

Rollovers pose a risk to adjacent drivers since they can obstruct lanes or destroy surrounding motorists.


Semis are made up of a trailer hitch and a tractor. Whenever the cab, or a trailer, executes a shift, it swivels on the hitch. If unskilled or careless drivers slam on the brakes too hard, a trailer might slide.

The trailer will rotate around the pivot point till it exactly becomes perpendicular to its tractor, similar to an opened folding knife blade inclination. Other drivers are endangered by jack-knifes because they impede lanes or force the tractor-trailer to fall into nearby automobiles, causing injury or death.

Load Spilling

When drivers deliver products across a county or the state, shipping companies and the associated workers frequently equipped tractor trailers. Workers in the shipping industry should properly fasten cargo not to move while the vehicle is on the road. 

Likewise, tanker trucks transporting lubricants must be secured to prevent spilling. Whenever a cargo isn’t guaranteed, it puts people on the road in danger if it splashes all over the highway.

Several cars may collide with the cargo, or the mass may fall and destroy surrounding automobiles. When this happens, poisonous and dangerous chemicals can be released into the air and onto the road, placing surrounding vehicles at risk of being exposed.

Rear-end crashes

According to an estimate, it requires a tractor-trailer the total distance of two soccer pitches to come to a complete halt from a velocity of 65 miles an hour, which is significantly longer than the typical automobile.

If truck drivers are side-tracked and don’t pay heed to the road or approach cars too aggressively, they risk creating a serious, maybe catastrophic, rear-end accident.

That sort of contact is a more severe variant of a rear-end or side-impact encounter. It’s usually the driver’s responsibility in a rear-end crash, but truckers can hit the other car if they maneuver without clearing their blind areas.

When a car is significantly smaller compared to a semi, it might become stuck underneath the trailer and “ride under” till the trucker pauses or the vehicle falls free. The majority of underride crashes result in fatalities.

What are the Reasons Behind Truck Accidents in the Bronx?

The following are among the principal reasons for serious truck accidents that could result in a personal injury case:

Fatigued Driving

Truckers work extremely hard and have strict deadlines, and most are required to travel at an unusual time to ensure collection and delivery deadlines, resulting in driving weariness.

Truckers must adhere to rigorous Hours of Service (HOS) laws, which restrict the trip length and are designed to prevent trucker tiredness.

Other reasons for tired driving, including sleep problems, medical illnesses, and prescription medicines, are not addressed by these laws. When a driver falls asleep behind the steering, the results may be disastrous.

Distracted Driving

Every action that diverts a driver’s attention, sight, or arms from the work environment might result in a severe and perhaps deadly tractor-trailer accident. According to federal regulation, truck drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones until they utilise a hands-free gadget and start a call via a swipe or a single touch.

Various diversions, including changing a C.B. or radio, drinking and eating, grabbing for a dropped object, or focusing on an incident far outside the vehicle, frequently cause truck incidents.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Owner-operators and trucking firms are required by law to check and ensure better upkeep of their vehicles to keep them fit for purpose when truckers fail to perform appropriate vehicle upkeep or address recognized problems promptly.

Wearing tires, failing braking systems due to a lack of lubricants, and ageing shafts that collapse because they can no further withstand the pressure of the truck are all illustrations of tractor-trailer accidents resulting from inadequate upkeep.

Blind spots

Big rigs come with many blind spots, and most of them don’t have rear-view mirrors, which might aid with sight. That necessitates standard precautions in using hood-mounted and side mirrors to remove such areas. 

Defective Truck Parts

Whenever a truck encounters a technical breakdown due to a faulty part, a collision may happen. Defective vehicles or vehicle components can lead to driving problems, braking malfunction, and tire ejections.

During the development process, faults might arise. The majority of truck defects, on the other hand, appear throughout the production process and are caused by human mistakes, substandard materials, or inaccurate machinery measurement. Truck drivers might lose control of their truck resulting in creating a deadly accident when technical problems occur.

Preserving Evidence After a Bronx Truck Accident

Since a single irresponsible trucker may incur a truckload taxpayers thousands of dollars in a couple of moments, trucking firms monitor their workers’ and trucks’ slightest movements.

Incident object tracking is utilized to avoid collisions as well as proofs in the case of a mishap. If this material damages their argument, it could be immediately hushed up, removed, or ignored.

A Bronx truck accident lawyer is required to guarantee that all information, service documents, and periods of duty records are accessible for inspection. Truck drivers’ every movement will be tracked using in-cabin eye-tracking equipment, including monitoring pupil diameters and blinking frequency.

If the sensor recognizes that a motorist has not been paying close attention or taking their eyes off the road, this should sound the alarm and vibrate the seating. The supporting personnel will be provided video material for examination if slumber is identified.

Acceleration, sudden stops, sudden starts, decelerations, and accidents are all tracked by other technologies, such as a Drive-Cam Video Event Recorder (VER) or, in many cases, a black box.

A lawyer might ask for it to be kept as proof after a collision. A spoliation statement, which must be sent as quickly as feasible, is used to accomplish this.

The Bronx Injury Lawyer Assists Truck Accident Survivors Like You

A collision involving a tractor-trailer is nearly never a minor fender-bender. A truck’s colossal size and weight generally result in more damage to vehicles, more significant accidents, and a higher risk of severe or catastrophic injury. If completely equipped, massive tractor-trailers carry 20 to 30 times more than the ordinary passenger car.

However, semis were not the only vehicles that may inflict harm. Waste vehicles, garbage trucks, and delivery vehicles, for example, can inflict serious injury.

The Bronx truck accident at Bronx Injury Lawyers lawyer has successfully assisted wounded truck accident victims like you. The lawyers are equipped to manage the following types of cases:

  • Internal organ damage
  • Amputation
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Back injuries

What Kinds of Reimbursement Can I Receive for My Losses and Injuries in A Truck Accident?

Reactor trailer accidents in the Bronx frequently result in serious harm, including deaths. Survivors who have been subjected to such significant damages are entitled to compensation.

Each Bronx truck accident seems to have its combination of events, and each sufferer has wounds that are distinct to them.

Consequently, skilled truck accident attorneys understand that they’d never predict how much compensation a specific sufferer will receive without first learning the circumstances of the accident and the suffering it inflicted.

Nevertheless, in principle, survivors of Bronx truck accidents may frequently claim payment to compensate for their losses.

  • Pain and suffering – collision injuries result in a much worse standard of living and impairment to friendships.
  • Medical treatments – emergency trips, hospitalization, follow-up doctor appointments, prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, durable medical products, and long-term treatment costs.
  • Income lost – since the accident victim lost employment when healing from the accident or because impairments or disabilities hampered the survivor’s capacity to return to work.
  • Non-medical goods – due to the injuries from the accident, the sufferer is required to acquire treatments.
  • Punitive – (or demonstrative) penalties are designed to penalize an at-fault person for particularly irresponsible or damaging action in restricted situations.

Consult an experienced Bronx truck accident injury law firm to determine what sorts of legal compensation you may be entitled to.

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