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What To Do if You Think You Have a Brain Injury

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Brain Injury Attorney

Head trauma, concussions, contusions TBI’s consequences aren’t usually obvious right away, and the symptoms might be subtle. You might not even realize you’ve had brain damage until you see a doctor.

Brain injuries, on the other hand, are complicated, hazardous, and can be fatal. Physical, as well as social consequences, may result. They can alter both your thoughts and actions. A concussion can cause memory loss, impaired judgment, speech, coordination, and reflexes, among other things. The effects of brain damage may be permanent if they are not addressed. Make an appointment with a Bronx brain injury attorney now!

What To Do if You Think You Have a Brain Injury

Suppose you have received a hit to the head or a jolt to the body in a traffic accident or after a fall. In that case, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and tell the doctor/medical staff about the event and the injury so they know what to check for. If you wish to seek compensation for your injuries and losses resulting from the accident, you should speak with a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer in Bronx.

Because every accident is different, you should contact our law firm for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. We’ll inform you whether we believe you have a brain injury case once you tell us about the accident and your injuries (or the injuries of a loved one).

Here are some of the criteria we look at to see if you have a case:

  • Your brain damage was caused by a certain sort of accident.
  • Which party was to blame?
  • Your brain injury’s and brain trauma’s severity.
  • Whether or not you were admitted to the hospital, and whether or not surgery was required — or will be required.
  • How long will it take you to get back on your feet again?
  • If the injury or scars is permanent.
  • If your head injury caused you to miss work.
  • The financial impact of your injury on your family.
  • Details about the insurance coverage

When It Comes to a Brain Injury Case, Do You Need To Hire an Attorney?

Yes, if you have suffered severe brain damage due to an accident, you must consult a lawyer. Brain injury lawsuits may be difficult, requiring a lot of paperwork and meeting deadlines, which is why you should hire a lawyer. They are well-versed in the insurance business and will be of assistance to you at this hard time.

While you’re dealing with all of these challenges, the insurance company covering the individual or organization that caused the accident will want to pay you the smallest possible compensation. It is their responsibility to:

  • Allowing your claim to languish or rushing you to accept a settlement
  • Lie about your loved one’s injury
  • In long legal fights, they must defend their choices

You’ll need an expert attorney who knows what appropriate compensation means for TBI survivors and who can establish your case. The attorneys in Bronx will strive to get you the most money feasible for your brain damage.

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