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3 Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Attorney Bronx

In several many years of our legal professional services as a personal injury law firm, we have come across different types of accidents and injuries people have suffered. It has been our pleasure to have helped umpteen clients in filing a case about personal injuries and getting the appropriate compensation from the wrongdoer. With a highly experienced and licensed team, we have gained a huge success rate, and we strive to continue doing so in all the time to come.

However, we have observed that clients usually do not know what types of injuries are subjected to legal compensation. And, when injuries are about the brain, things become critical and need expert guidance. While the sufferer undergoes their recovery period, we suggest you contact our Brain Injury Lawyer Bronx at Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C. for the best legal action.

Meanwhile, you should get acquainted with the 3 types of traumatic brain injuries that call for an immediate lawsuit to claim compensation and justice for the victim.

Three Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is a state when an injury is so harsh that it ruptures cognitive abilities and causes other injuries to the brain. Such injuries may be sudden, external, internal, mental, or physical. The gravity of brain injuries is to an extent where the sufferer may get disabled, slip into a coma, or even lose their life. Some of the TBIs are discussed below.

Mild Injury

These are the least risky brain injuries that are often about losing consciousness for some time. The duration of such numbness may range from a few seconds to minutes; it extends to hours in rare cases only. Total unconsciousness is not the only consequence of mind injuries; confusion and disorientation can also be some of the adverse effects here. Our informed lawyers suggest you get medically tested as soon as possible as such reports can serve as evidence for compensation claims.

Moderate Injury

These are aggravated forms of injuries when compared to mild ones. Moderate injuries include confusion, unconsciousness, or other cognitive disabilities lasting for more than a few hours or weeks. When such mental injuries exceed the duration of a few hours, it implies that the injuries are severely exposing the sufferer to greater risks to health and life. One might have to face complications for a long time affecting their quality of life adversely due to such injuries. Let us file for greater compensation in these cases.

Severe Brain Injury

These injuries are the most serious ones as the victim might slip in life-threatening situations. Crushing blows, damaged skulls, irrecoverable trauma, etc. are some of the critical consequences of severe brain injuries. There should be no room for compromise here, and we will bring the wrongdoer to the courtroom to ensure justice is served. We also have specialized attorneys handling specific personal injury cases like sexual assault, wrongful death, medical negligence, truck accidents, work injuries, and more. Feel free to ask for a free consultation from our experts at Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C. Let us help you in achieving justice together.

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