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What To Do When You Are Injured At Work

Bronx workers' compensation attorneys

Today’s employers and employees are well aware of the need for safety measures in the workplace. Such practices help to strengthen the employer-employee relationship, improve work productivity, decrease absenteeism rate, secure the health of workers, and prevent the hassle of compensation. But, stats and real-life experiences reveal that injuries still happen despite the best safety gear and prevention measures.

The reason is accidents are inevitable and can occur even if the workers are utterly vigilant in performing their job. They can happen due to machine failure, slip, and fall, negligence of a passerby, or other reasons. Therefore, seeking help from the Bronx workers’ compensation lawyers becomes an apparent follow-up.

At Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C., we are always there to assist you in these situations. Here is what you can do if you or someone else gets injured at work. Yes, visiting a qualified doctor is undoubtedly the first thing. Do the following for legal actions and compensations thereon.

Inform The Supervisor or Head Person

It might sound too obvious to state, but workers miss detailing the whole matter often. Informing the supervisor about an injury is not just about conveying about the injury; it means reporting everything that can impact your compensation. As experienced Bronx workers’ compensation lawyers, we suggest you be prompt about reporting work injuries, put it in written form, and keep a few copies with you.

The injury report should contain all possible details about the accident and the injured person. Enumerate how the accident happened and what safety measures were present. Delayed information may strip off your legal right; so act as early as possible.

Ask For the Workers’ Compensation Relief

Every employer has to look after the insurance of the employees according to the legal requirements and contractual agreements. As avid social attorneys at Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C., we assert that you file the claim as your legal benefits boldly. If there is no filing by the injured person, the employer will not be able to proceed with the reimbursement process on his own. Fill out the relevant official form for compensation with all details therein sincerely.

Signature and date will play an imperative role; so do not miss putting either of these. Keep one copy with you and submit the other to your employer. The employer shall proceed with the rest of the formalities and communication with the insurance company.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer For A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Sometimes disputes occur for the amount or even the existence of such a claim. Thus, you will have to hire an adept attorney to represent you before a judge. You may also need legal assistance to understand the terms of the insurance policy or other legal jargon. It is highly imperative to have the paperwork done precisely to avoid errors and delays. We promise to be the worthiest law firm to protect your right and get reasonable compensation for any person injured at work. From the free consultation to needed paperwork, Bronx workers compensation lawyers do everything professionally for you.

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