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What to Do if You are Fired Due to an Injury Sustained at Work

Bronx workers' compensation lawyer

Did you sustain an injury during work and receive a termination letter later? If yes, you do not have to worry. Workers’ compensation offers you several benefits. It is the compensation with medical benefits, vocational training, missed wage benefit, other equalizers, or more. It is a safety net for all the workers and gives them access to lawyers if the employer offends it. The employer does not have the right to fire you during recovery period. If they fire you, approach a law firm for representation, and ensure to get back your rights!

Can an Employer Fire You?

Just like you, the employer has the right to fire you. But, it is valid only if the reasons are appropriate. The following are the must know about when an employer may and may not fire you:

When Can They Fire You

  • If your negligence or violation of company safety rules led to the injury or damage leading to the accident
  • If you did not cooperate or abide by the company’s policy or instructions after the accident
  • If the injury you sustain affects your work after recovery, and you did not inform the employer

When Can They Not Fire You

  • You can reach a lawyer if the company is laying you off to dodge the compensations.
  • If you contact and involve an attorney as you explain to them the situation of the accident
  • If the company retaliates or tries to settle it without enough compensation according to the losses.

Rights You Must Know!

As an employee, the state brings you laws that help to protect your interests after you have an unfortunate event at the workplace. The following are your rights:

  • To have and choose the best Bronx workers’ compensation lawyer for representation
  • Be on leave and not return to work unless you fully recover and the doctor states it.
  • To file a claim from the company or file a lawsuit if they do not have insurance or deny it.
  • If the company offers or lures incentives or position in the company to avoid filing a claim
  • The right to choose an attorney without any harassment from the employer’s end during the injury period.
  • To seek proper and complete medical for the injuries you sustain at your workplace.

Knowing your rights is vital to fighting for the wrong. It offers you the best protection and compensation. It lets you have the best of all attorneys to represent legally and fight for what is right.

Breaks due to work injuries can be stressful and challenging. Over it, a termination letter can add to tensions. Approach a Bronx workers’ compensation lawyer without hesitation and ensure to get back your position with respect. Injuries and compensation are your right, and no employer can stand in between you and your privilege. The state protects the best of it in your interest. With the best of all law firms representing you, you are sure to stand tall, confident, and strong in the court of law!

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