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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Bronx Slip and Fall Attorney

We all slip and fall, which leads to accidents. But when it comes to the cause of the mishap, the fault will not always be yours! When it comes to everyday life, the damage can be minor, but workplace accidents can severely damage can even be fatal!

You must know the first-hand basics of reaction after meeting an accident at work. It will help the lawyers to pick the best way out for worthy compensations and settlement for the loss.

If not immediate, act within the statute of the time. Act promptly and guard your rights to claim back the losses you invest for getting better. It includes the following:

Visit a Clinic for Treatment!

Yes. Always step into the clinic to get the treatment before entering the law firm. Your immediate care for the wounds and the diagnosis is the primary evidence of the accident.

Not just the diagnosis – getting the prescribed treatment is a must to prove your point of being hurt. If not, it will falsify your statements. An unattended injury often comes under the category of mild before the law.

Report The Accident

Filing a report to the concerned jurisdiction is a must. You can either choose a lawyer to file a case or do it yourself. If you can, ensure the firm management knows about your fall and its damage.

Get a copy of your report from the police station and keep it safe. It can be the second evidence of the accident. All your steps involve a note, as it will help you prepare the perfect documentation file.

Collecting Evidence

If you know the accident was negligence or unordered machinery, ensure to take its picture. The snap of the accident site, the damaged space leading to the accident, and more are vital.

If possible, retain the clothes and shoes on the day of the accident. If it has blood or dirt, it can be another vital piece of evidence for the claim. Document all of it well enough for the layer and court to understand.

Blame Game – Big No!

Do not blame yourself or any other person unless sure. The slip and fall cases often need investigation to find the fault. Before you find the best law firms, do not pass on any statements about the accident.

Any statement or blame from your end can be evidence for or against you. Refrain from posting things on social media or publishing anything, including the evidence. Find an attorney for the best representation.

Get a Lawyer!

The last best thing you can do is pick a worthy lawyer. Explain to them the situation and the documents and evidence you have in hand. Let them guide you through the case.

Attorneys can be the best problem solvers and work to bring you the best solution. They come with experience and know-how to relieve your tensions with the best compensation.

Choosing a lawyer can be overwhelming. Choose Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyer and be at ease as they have your back!

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