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Top 5 Things to do in the Bronx

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The Bronx is one of the most-talked boroughs of New York City for being rich in sports culture, offering attractive sites, nurturing beautiful flora, and preserving hundreds of animal species. One can never go out of options while enjoying their stay here. There is too much to explore that you will need to plan well for your recreational trip here so that you do not miss the top attractions.

An outsider may find themselves in the dilemma of including must-do things in the Bronx. The following list may prove to be helpful to prepare an itinerary.

Visit the Iconic Yankee Stadium for a Wowing Experience

You must not miss visiting this iconic stadium which is the home to the 27-time World Series baseball champions. The exquisite architecture is sure to leave you in a magical spell. Even if you are not a fan of the baseball game, you will thank yourself for visiting Yankee Stadium.

Watch the Wonders of Nature and Animal Species at the Bronx Zoo

One must never leave an opportunity to be as close to nature as possible. You cannot go back home without visiting the biggest urban zoo in the U.S. – The Bronx Zoo. With more than 4000 animals, 650 species, and 265 acres of land, every moment here will be full of life and joy.

Cherish the Delectable Italian Authentic Flavors of Food

The Bronx is referred to as Little Italy for its freshly prepared pasta and other Italian cuisines. You must not miss going to Arthur Avenue to experience how authentic flavors smell and taste. From cheesy to sweet dishes, you will find innumerable options on these streets.

Witness the Phenomenal Art at Plenty of Fabulous Museums

If you appreciate art and other winders of the museums, The Bronx is the place you will love the most. The Bronx Museum of the Arts, City Island Nautical Museum, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Van Cortlandt House Museum, and a lot more options are there to wow you.

Enjoy the Watery Pleasure at the Orchard Beach

Water babies will find Orchard beach in the Bronx to be their pleasure spot. It is also the only public beach here, so you can expect a diverse crowd here. Even if you are not looking forward to the crowd, its 1.1 miles length and unique crescent shape along with City Island views will be your favorite memory.

Also, it is always a great idea to check the upcoming events according to the dates of your trip to the Bronx.

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