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Sexual Harassment From A Co-Worker? Here Is How To Deal With It

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Did you encounter an inappropriate touch or talk at your workplace? If yes, dealing with sexual harassment is vital and requires you to gather courage and take a stand for yourself. It involves taking a stand to question the harasser on what makes them entitled to act how they did!

If you are the victim, realize the abuse and its physical and mental effects. Approach an experienced firm like Bronx Injury Lawyers, P.C., specializing in helping harassed victims. Let them drive you smoothly towards justice!

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Not everything you encounter can come under sexual harassment. You must know about segregating the comments and situations before you plan on filing an official complaint with the help of a lawyer. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 marks two types of harassment:

  • Quid pro Quo: It involves a salary raise, promotion, completion of work, perks, etc., on the basis and extent of sexual advances and submission by an individual.
  • Hostile work environment: They are multiple instances that make the space hostile, harsh, and offensive. It can be comments or conducts that lead to discomfort.

Sexual harassment does not restrict itself to women. The victim can be men, a woman, or even an employee of a high post. If you experience it, approach a lawyer for the best resolution!

The Dealing And Realization

Dealing with sexual harassment can be overwhelming, but with Bronx Injury Laywers, P.C. in hand, we can help you be at ease.

Realizing that you have been a victim of harassment is the first step for the rest. Do ask the offender to stop or express your discomfort. It helps them know the consequence of their actions and plays a vital role in the investigation.

Company’s Protocol And Formal Evidence

Before you enter a law firmfor a representative, it is best to seek your firm’s help. Look for the sexual harassment guidelines and protocol for reporting the harassment. If not to the person on the list, talk about it to a comfortable individual.

Do not wait too long for filing the complaint as the State takes into the matter only 180 days from the incident. Write an email to the manager and the responsible individual. Ensure to add the timelines, dates, days, behavior, extent, concerns, and the present scenario.

Inaction or Retaliation?

If your company takes action, you may not have to hire an attorney to look into the case. The firm’s reaction, interference, and consequence must be to the best of your interest!

If the nature and conduct of the investigation do not satisfy you – find a representative from the best law firm! Retaliation or a counter-attack on your work or adverse consequence is illegal after filing a complaint. Hire the best of attorneys and ensure to have your justice served! Sexual harassments are illegal. The State stands by you at all times, making the dealings easy. Stand against it and protect your rights!

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