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Personal Injury Case Timeline

Bronx Injury Attorneys P.C.

Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C.

This section is meant to answer frequent concerns concerning the timetable of a personal injury case and the various stages of typical personal injury litigation for our clients. A typical accident case takes between 8 and 18 months to reach trial once a lawsuit is filed. Even if a lawsuit is filed, most cases settle outside of court and do not go to trial. Cases can be settled at any point along the process. Cases involving complex products liability or medical malpractice take twice as long as the ordinary automobile accident lawsuit.

Your personal injury lawyer recognizes the need to resolve a personal injury case as soon as feasible. You don’t want to settle a dispute too soon, though. Settlement of a lawsuit before your doctor releases you from treatment or before you know the full extent of your injury might result in a much-reduced settlement sum.

The following steps are likely to be included in the timetable for your personal injury case. Some of the stages may overlap, or they may be completed in a different sequence.

· First Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney

Throughout your introductory meeting with an attorney, you may be asked several questions regarding your case. The attorney wishes to understand as much as possible about your case to determine whether he can assist you.

You will also get the chance to question the attorney to assess whether or not this attorney is a suitable fit for you. Make sure to ask about the attorneys’ fees. The majority of personal injury lawyers practice on a contingency fee basis.

· Submit Insurance Claims

When your lawyer determines that your claim is covered by insurance, he submits insurance claims with each insurance provider. The attorney handles all correspondence with the insurance companies.

Don’t really agree to a handwritten or recorded statement or communicate with the insurance provider without your lawyer’s involvement. Whatever you communicate to the insurance company or a complaints investigator might be used to lower or deny your insurance claim.

· Creating Demand Letters for Settlement

When you have already completed your medical treatment and the lawyer has completed his examinations and analysis, he will write legal compensation notices for every party in the case. Compensation request letters are typically issued to each party’s insurance provider.

The settlement demand letter is a comprehensive document that covers the accident, your injuries, the legal analysis of culpability, and your losses. The attorney requests a monetary settlement to resolve the dispute.

· Case Law Research

Your lawyer will also spend time examining the laws that apply to your situation. According to the nature of the personal injury cases, local, regional, and national statutes may apply. In some situations, regulations and ordinances may apply.

The timing for your personal injury lawsuit is also determined by your activities. If you have been hurt or engaged in an accident, do not hesitate to call a personal injury attorney. The immediately you consult an attorney at Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C., the faster they can fully concentrate on your case.

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