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Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

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Did you know that every year, over 500,000 transportation accidents occur in the United States? Around 5,000 of these transportation accidents result in deaths. In fact, a trucking collision is involved in one out of every eight traffic deaths Bronx truck accident attorney.

Truck accidents are more common than you might have anticipated, and that is worrisome. You may or may not be aware of the fact that there is more than one type of truck accident. In this article, we will discuss all the common types of truck accidents that occur more frequently than we know, and when to call a truck accident attorney.

Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

There are quite many types of truck accidents that can constitute a legal claim, however, in this article we have discussed six of the most common types.

  1. Tire Blowout. When a tire is damaged to the point that it “blows out,” or releases all of its air at once, a tire blowout disaster occurs. The motorist is frequently found guilty in numerous accidents. If it is determined that the driver’s carelessness caused the tire blowout, that motorist may be held responsible for any consequences, allowing those engaged in the accident to submit a claim with their insurance company.
  2. Underride Accident. Underride collisions are one of the deadliest forms of truck collisions. They occur when trucks come to a sudden stop and approaching cars become trapped beneath the tractor-trailer. The smaller vehicle’s top is commonly torn off. These sorts of truck collisions are among the deadliest on the road, with over 300 individuals killed each year in underride collisions in the United States.
  3. Rollover Accidents. When a truck driver misses authority, the tractor-trailer might roll over, creating a danger for other drivers on the roadway. The injured person will have to show that he or she is not at blame in this situation. Considering the other side will attempt to establish that the motorist wounded in the accident is at least to some extent, if not entirely, responsible for the incident that caused the rollover, partial blame is typically an essential issue in these claims.
  4. Blind Spot. Blind spot warning signs are ubiquitous on large commercial vehicles for a purpose. Semi-trucks feature large blind zones where the driver loses sight of other automobiles, which are significantly larger than those seen in smaller cars. You must first comprehend the function of carelessness in determining who is at fault in a blind spot collision. Yes, in most situations, the driver attempting to combine lanes or change lanes is to blame. In other words, the motorist who has a blind spot will typically be held responsible.
  5. Jackknife. A truck accident known as a “jackknife” occurs when a vehicle having two independent components (a cab and a trailer) collapses in on itself at the point of separation. The cab and trailer are connected together and swivel at a 90-degree angle, producing a “V” configuration. Due to the trailer’s lack of attachment to the rig, jackknife collisions are among the most prevalent truck accidents.
  6. Head-on and Rear-end Collisions. Huge trucks hit head-on with other cars in head-on collisions, while rear-end incidents occur when large trucks drive over the back of another vehicle. Both crashes are quite hazardous, particularly for people in the smaller car. In a two-vehicle rear-end collision, the automobile that was hit from behind is held responsible. However, if the automobile in front of you rolls back into the car behind you, the driver of the front car may be at blame, just like in a head-on collision.

Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

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