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Common Causes of Construction Accidents

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From many causes of construction accidents incidents are caused by putting expenses and work deadlines ahead of worker safety. When an employer encourages workers to finish a task as quickly as feasible and at the lowest possible cost, important safety procedures may be overlooked. Our lawyers at Bronx Injury Lawyers P.C. in the Bronx represent construction workers injured on the job across the New York City region.

To discuss your accident, we provide a free first consultation. We collaborate with specialists who can assist us in determining the root of the problem and holding the responsible party accountable. Multiple aspects frequently cause construction site accidents:

· Falling, Slipping, and Tripping

Construction sites can include many loose wires, building equipment, and holes in the ground, making it more possible for employees to slip, trip, or fall at work.

Employers and workers can reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace by doing the following: 

  • Clearing pathways of obstacles
  • Being aware of their surroundings and alerting management to any potential dangers
  • Keep the area clean and debris-free

· Being Hit by an Object

Construction workers can be killed after they are struck by an item. Many of these deaths might have been avoided if the employees had received sufficient training and employed the appropriate equipment and apparatus. Employees must remember to utilize parking brakes on stationary cars, reverse vehicle alarms, tool guards, personal protective equipment, debris nets, catch platforms, and other safety devices.

Besides the above causes of construction accidents, Electricians aren’t the only ones who operate near power lines. In reality, construction teams frequently encounter electrical wires or other materials that transmit electricity from a different source.

In the field, look for the following three things:

  • Contact with electricity wires is possible. Stay away from electrical wires because electrocution is the most serious danger. Even if electrocution is not deadly, burns can be a concern.
  • Faults in the ground. Everyone’s safety depends on ground fault protection. Poor ground-fault prevention can result in electrical burns, explosions, and flames.
  • Errors in the equipment. Know how to utilize every piece of equipment on the job if you’re a construction worker. Even if you don’t believe the task at hand has anything to do with electricity, understanding how the equipment works and the risk of electrical shock can help you avoid damage.

· Construction Tragedies Occur When Workers Become Trapped Between Two Items

Despite the apparent rule of never standing between a piece of heavy machinery and an immovable object, workers focused on their duties are occasionally put in perilous situations. When a worker’s body part is trapped, squashed, squeezed, compressed, or pinched between two or more items, it is known as a caught-in/between mishap. Cave-ins or collapsing materials are examples of body parts caught in the working elements of an unprotected piece of machinery, equipment rollovers, and becoming stuck between solid things, such as a wall and heavy equipment.

What You Can Do if You Have Been Hurt

If you’ve been wounded in a construction accident, you have options. First, tell your supervisor that there has been an accident. Any occurrence that results in an injury on the work must be documented, regardless of how or why it occurred. This is not restricted to construction mishaps; accidents may occur in many hazardous occupations. Second, speak with a lawyer who has handled personal injury and workers’ compensation cases before.

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